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These Rules apply to both bidders and successful bidders (“Purchaser/s”) and he terms and conditions will be deemed to be accepted by either of them on completion of registration as a bidder.

The  bidder  must  register  to  participate  in  this  auction. Any  bid  made  without  proper registration will be invalid.

The  amount  of  the  commission  and  other  fees  payable  by  the Purchaser  (including documentation  fee)  will  be   displayed on the Seller’s website.

There is no duty on Trailer Auction to effect any latent or patent repairs on any lot Any lot sold at this auction is sold “voetstoots” or “as is”, All items are sold as-is [Voetstoots] with no implied or otherwise guarantee of conditions, make, model, quantity or status. The odometer reading stated on the notice is as read by Trailer Auction and is not guaranteed .No obligations will be implied unless displayed in the notice.

The  Seller does  not  provide  any  warranties whatsoever  on  the  fit  for  purpose  or  mechanical ability of any lot  It  is  recorded  that  the  bidder  has  had  an  opportunity  to inspect the lot (accepted the condition and state thereof) and has concluded on his /her own free will to bid on a lot The bidder to sign inspection before payment.

Where applicable, the buyer will at his/her own cost be responsible for collecting the Natis documents and change of ownership documentation from the seller.

Removal of any lot by the Purchaser will not take place until payment of the full purchase price (including the bid amount,  commission, fees and VAT ), has been made to the Seller, and  a  delivery  note  has  been  provided  by the  Seller to  the Purchaser.

All purchases are to be paid in full within 48 (forty eight) hours of the conclusion of the auction.  Subject to the sole discretion of the Seller, any payment made by the Purchaser after the stipulated period may be accepted by the Seller and may result in storage fee sbeing payable by the Purchaser.

All items bought must be collected within seven days from date of payment failing which a storage and release fee of R250.00 plus 14% VAT per day will be charged.

The Seller may without penalty or prior notice be entitled to withdraw any item or lots from the auction

The Seller will advise the local vehicle licensing authorities with the change of ownership details and the onus is on the Purchaser to register the vehicle within 21 (twenty one) days (from the date of receipt of the delivery note from the Seller) into his/her/its name

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